How to choose between good and bad | Video

Decisions! Such a simple word with such a difficult implementation. Choosing between good and bad is not easy... after all, the world is not black and white, has a lot of colors that can be deceitful. How can I choose, then? How to be sure about what is the right decision? In this video, you... Continue Reading →

Rule of Love

When we talk about the rules of love it is very easy to think of the simplest things present in almost all societies, valid for friendships, family relationships, and love relationships. These rules can be something like, we have to respect others and that we cannot betray or break the trust they have placed in... Continue Reading →

Our Wedding | Video

The day of our wedding was a really special day for us. The beginning of our life together with the blessing of our God! A day of victory, against all odds, after a long story of encounters and reencounters. Our God is loving and patient and in our long story, we can see that. He... Continue Reading →

Our love story | Video

Our love story was written by God. He was the one that made us met and that patiently reconnected us time after time. A long story with two people that made wrong decisions but that, somehow, when they returned to God always returned also to each other. Know all about the difficulties and the blessing!... Continue Reading →

First Dive in Palau

Living for adventure! After our diving course, we decided to use our spring break time wisely and try our first dive. The weather was not great but still, we were excited about the new adventure. Depois do nosso curso de mergulho, decidimos usar o nosso tempo de férias da páscoa da melhor forma e experimentar... Continue Reading →

Cabo da Roca

Living for lovely moments in new places. Hoje fui pela primeira vez ao Cabo da Roca, o cabo mais a oriente da Europa. Today I went for the first time to Cabo da Roca, the more western Cape of Europe. Situado a menos de uma hora de Lisboa, é um local onde podemos sentir a... Continue Reading →

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