Priorities – What is your deepest desire? | Video

We hear a lot of times how important it is to think about our priorities. The problem is that, in theory, priorities is something much easier than in practice. As Christians, what should be our priority it's easy to identify but in our daily life is often forgotten. Join me in this reflection about this... Continue Reading →

Creative Christmas Tree

We are already creating a Christmas Spirit in our new home in Sagunto, Spain. This year I wanted to do something creative and different but is when you have a REALLY small space that your creativity is challenged. Nós já estamos a criar um espírito natalício na nossa nova casa em Sagunto, Espanha. Este ano... Continue Reading →

Image Making – Coursera

Hi everyone! If you are paying attention to my quarantine challenges you know that I'm taking a Specialization in Graphic Design in Coursera. I'm loving the experience. One of the Courses that I had to do was Image Making, it requires you to select and object, draw it in different materials and perspectives and create... Continue Reading →

Farming 1.0

Well, has you guys know, we have been engaged in our new agriCULTURE project nut unfortunately haven’t been giving a lot of information about it. We started this project because we are now living in a country house with a lot of terrain that once was used for agriculture. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been clean in... Continue Reading →

Cross Stitch for my nephew

Living for arts and crafts. Quando era pequena umas das coisas que me recordo de passar horas a fazer com a minha mãe era ponto cruz.  Com o passar do tempo deixei e fiquei anos sem fazer... When I was little one of the things I remember spending hours doing with my mother was cross... Continue Reading →

Living for what? Mark Twain acredita que, com o tempo, as coisas que não fazemos nos desiludem mais do que aquilo que fazemos. Isto inclui aquilo que foram erros cometidos. O que tu pensas?

Living for what? Esta é a opinião do John Lennon, ser feliz. Qual é a tua?  

Novo ano, novo projecto

"Novo ano, vida nova", eu digo: -  Novo ano, novo projecto! Este vai ser o espaço onde partilho tudo aquilo que me faz viver e descubro o significado da vida pelo caminho. Espero que os meus momentos, partilhas, ideias e experiências possam ser também as tuas. E que juntos possamos começar esta aventura!

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