June Setup – Bullet Journal 2021 | Video

One more Bullet Journal =) This time is the month of June and is full of amazing pages. This month's design has a lot of color and trees. We hope you enjoy it, don't forget to share with us your bullet journal experiences =) Mais um Bullet Journal =) Desta vez é mês de junho... Continue Reading →

To depend: good or bad? (Spanish Sermon) | Video

Dependency is that something good or bad? Right away we associate this word with something bad but the truth is, God is waiting for us to depend on Him. How can we do that if our instinct is to rely only on ourselves? Can that be one of the barriers stopping us to have a... Continue Reading →

Faith Forged by Fire | Video

Do we need Faith in the days that we are living in? Is faith really that important? If so, how can we have a better and stronger faith? In this small video we analyze a small Bible story and how can we relate faith to a sword in our daily lives. Precisamos nós de fé... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Bible Fathers | Video

The Bible is full of amazing fathers and on this Father's Day, we decided to pick our favorites. Did you ever wonder who was the best father in the Bible? With a book full of amazing people surely there were great fathers, right? This video is about my Top seven fathers in the Bible, it... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Bible Women | Video

Did you ever wonder what are the best women stories in the bible? In this book full of amazing stories surely there were great ones with women as the protagonists, right? This video is about my top five women in the Bible, and I'm sure you will enjoy learning their stories. Já alguma vez te... Continue Reading →

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