What does the Bible say about wars? | Video

We are living difficult and strange times... With the recent news, you may be asking yourself why is this happening or what is the meaning of this eminent war. Well, we believe that the answer can be found in the Bible. Join us in this video while we try to answer all your questions about... Continue Reading →

5 Attributes of a Godly Mother | Video

We want to celebrate Mother's day by making a tribute to all Godly mothers out there. The Bible describes some of the important attributes of a mother and we picked our top 5. We hope to encourage you as a Christian mother to continue to do your best to represent your God, especially to your... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Bible Women | Video

Did you ever wonder what are the best women stories in the bible? In this book full of amazing stories surely there were great ones with women as the protagonists, right? This video is about my top five women in the Bible, and I'm sure you will enjoy learning their stories. Já alguma vez te... Continue Reading →

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