There is an open door!

I studied in a city called Braga. It's a beautiful city filled with history. In that city you have a monument called the "the arch of the open door" and it's said that everyone is always welcomed to the city because of it. While remembering the "open door" of Braga, an idea came to my... Continue Reading →

Priorities – What is your deepest desire? | Video

We hear a lot of times how important it is to think about our priorities. The problem is that, in theory, priorities is something much easier than in practice. As Christians, what should be our priority it's easy to identify but in our daily life is often forgotten. Join me in this reflection about this... Continue Reading →

August Setup – Bullet Journal 2021 | Video

Our Bullet Journaling adventure continues in August! Summer is here and with it everything changes, even the bullet journal. Being more organized, it's really helping my relationship with God. I can only hope that this adventure can help and encourage you to start Bullet Journaling with me =) A nossa aventura de Bullet Journaling continua... Continue Reading →

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