Seoul – an interesting overnight stay

It's already been 3 years since we passed through Seoul when we returned from our 1-year mission trip to Palau. How time flies... During that time, there were no pandemics or the possibility of a Third World War. The World was apparently at peace and everyone was mostly worried about their daily lives. How things... Continue Reading →

10 Keys to a Successful Relationship | Video

Do you want to have a good love relationship? This is the video for you!! In the relationship we are all students, there is always something new to learn or to improve. That is why we created our top 10 keys to a successful relationship! All of these keys are really important for us and... Continue Reading →

Our love story | Video

Our love story was written by God. He was the one that made us met and that patiently reconnected us time after time. A long story with two people that made wrong decisions but that, somehow, when they returned to God always returned also to each other. Know all about the difficulties and the blessing!... Continue Reading →

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