Living heaven on earth

Living for God can be harder than we think sometimes. A lot of people claim for God during difficult times but also, a lot decide to forget His existence when their prayers are not answered or when difficulties come in the midst of faithfulness to Him. Can we really expect to live heaven on earth?... Continue Reading →

Seoul – an interesting overnight stay

It's already been 3 years since we passed through Seoul when we returned from our 1-year mission trip to Palau. How time flies... During that time, there were no pandemics or the possibility of a Third World War. The World was apparently at peace and everyone was mostly worried about their daily lives. How things... Continue Reading →

August Setup – Bullet Journal 2021 | Video

Our Bullet Journaling adventure continues in August! Summer is here and with it everything changes, even the bullet journal. Being more organized, it's really helping my relationship with God. I can only hope that this adventure can help and encourage you to start Bullet Journaling with me =) A nossa aventura de Bullet Journaling continua... Continue Reading →

March Setup – Bullet Journal | Video

The Bullet Journalling adventure continues! I decided to share that adventure with all of you so, here is the setup for March with what I learn after two months of bullet journaling. Loving the experience and hopefully, you will be encouraged and will start Bullet Journaling with me =) A aventura Bullet Journalling continua! Decidi... Continue Reading →

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