Should Christians go to war? | Video In the times that we are living in, it is normal to start asking: should Christians fight and go to war? As an air force officer and police officer, I had to question myself about that a lot. Today, I found my answer! Let me share with you what I learned from the Bible... Continue Reading →

La Historia que todavia no fue escrita (testimonio personal) | Spanish Sermon

This Sermon talks about the importance of Stories, how the Bible is full of beautiful ones, and one particular story that is still being written. Do you want to know what story is that? Stay to watch it and learn the fantastic promise behind all the stories of the Bible. Maybe it has something to... Continue Reading →

Where do you stand?

Today I would like to ask you where do you stand? Of course, that it’s not where do you stand “literally” 😛 but rather where do you stand mentally and spiritually. What is the thing or person that you rely on for strength and comfort? I asked this question to myself and I found that... Continue Reading →

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