Should Christians go to war? | Video In the times that we are living in, it is normal to start asking: should Christians fight and go to war? As an air force officer and police officer, I had to question myself about that a lot. Today, I found my answer! Let me share with you what I learned from the Bible... Continue Reading →

What does the Bible say about wars? | Video

We are living difficult and strange times... With the recent news, you may be asking yourself why is this happening or what is the meaning of this eminent war. Well, we believe that the answer can be found in the Bible. Join us in this video while we try to answer all your questions about... Continue Reading →

Faith Forged by Fire | Video

Do we need Faith in the days that we are living in? Is faith really that important? If so, how can we have a better and stronger faith? In this small video we analyze a small Bible story and how can we relate faith to a sword in our daily lives. Precisamos nós de fé... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Bible Fathers | Video

The Bible is full of amazing fathers and on this Father's Day, we decided to pick our favorites. Did you ever wonder who was the best father in the Bible? With a book full of amazing people surely there were great fathers, right? This video is about my Top seven fathers in the Bible, it... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Bible Warriors | Video

Did you ever wonder who was the best warrior in the Bible? With a book full of amazing battles surely there were great men in those battles, right? This video is about my Top five warriors in the Bible, and I'm sure you'll never guess the first two =D Já alguma vez pensas-te em quem... Continue Reading →

Teo Talk – Hope | Video

What is Hope? What was hope in the past? Do you need hope, do I need hope? This video is going to answer this questions and more. It will also answer why is hope important for the days that we are living in and how does it change our perspective about all that has been... Continue Reading →

7 Christmas Curiosities |Video

Have you ever asked yourself what's the origin of Christmas? Did you ever question if the traditions that we practice are Biblical? Why is this Celebration so well know by everyone even non-Christians? You can find these answers and much more in this video... Let's learn about Christmas with these 7 curiosities and enter Christmas... Continue Reading →

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